Etymology Edit

fau "away, out, up, off" + kraih "to cast, throw, hurl; to set"

Verb Edit

  1. (of persons to things) to discard, dispose, throw away or out, get rid of a thing, object, item
  2. (of persons to food, with pai) to throw up, vomit food
  3. (of nation-states or governors to citizens) to banish a person from a country, send a person into exile
  4. (of parents to children) to release a child from one's home, send away
  5. (of parents to children) to renounce one's child, deny one's child, give up all association with one's child
  6. (of spouses) to divorce, formally proclaim a marriage no longer binding (with one's spouse)
  7. (of society) to reject, ostracize, cast out

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