Pronoun Edit

  1. (Hie varsei) third-person masculine singular absolutive pronoun, used to represent the subject (first argument, agent/patient) of an intransitive verb and the object (second argument, patient) of a transitive verb
  2. (Common Standard Zekaisivarsi) third-person masculine singular nominative pronoun, used to represent the subject of any verb: he

ey dox. He is dying.

eya dos ey. He is killing him.

In both sentences, ey represents the patient. In the first sentence, ey is the agent of the action of dying, but since dying is intransitive, he is also the patient who experiences, or receives, the action of dying. For more information, see Appendix:Grammar/Hie varsein vazjaa.

See also Edit
  • eya (ergative)
  • eyn (CSZ, accusative/dative)

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