Etymology Edit

from aya “to observe deeply, to examine; to ponder, meditate”

Active-dynamic verb, takes zei wi or jwipam wi Edit

  1. I remember intimately, call back to mind (a person)
  2. I think about, meditate on, ponder, consider
  3. I judge, adjudicate (a legal case)
  4. I investigate

Afayaya Edit

I remember God. Edit

Afayaya is a ten-week personal iji in which a person willingly abstains from sacrilegious and partially immoral acts such as drinking liquor, participating in warfare, and engaging in prostitution, refrains from behaviors that offend others, confesses his/her secret offenses to the victims thereof, strives to improve himself/herself and to reform the world around him/her. Afayaya is meditation upon the nature of God Himself, the nature of The Most High.

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