Ihavachi are words or phrases that one says in order to politely acknowledge another's presence or leaving.

Greetings Edit

To acknowledge a person's presence Edit

Ala! Hello!

Mave bune! Good-bye! (I leave)

Mavu bune! Good-bye! (YOU leave)

Sol bune! Good morning! Good day!

Stisol bune! Good (after)noon!

Nakt bune! Good night!

To inquire of a person's current state Edit

In general, but mostly emotion and perception of health Edit

Ves zeu?

Ze bune: I am fine/well

Ze suwe: I am well (in good health)

Ze juve: I am happy

Ze daunche: I am feeling bad.

Ze tiahe: I am mad.

Ze kuve: I am sad.

Healthwise Edit

Aja zu aabelei ma? How are you your health?

Belili ye aabelei. I am well, in good health.

Aqe ye aabelei. I am sick, in bad health.

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