Common Standard Zekaiseivarsi is the dialect of Zekaisivarsi that is accepted as proper by the majority of Zekaiseii and that is upheld by the Rhajazekaisivar (institution for the Zekaiseivarsei language). It is the primary dialect of the Inlands.

Categories of words Edit

Substantives Edit

Substantives are words that name persons, animals, things, ideas, and qualities. They include nouns (common nouns and pronouns) and declinable adjectives (excluding determiners). They are moderately inflected for number (singuular, dual, plural, distributive), gender (masculine, feminine, epicene, neuter), case/class (nominative, accusative, genitive, locative, directive, instrumental, equative, etc.), and category (animate, inanimate, abstract). They are not marked for definiteness which is implied by context.

Common Standard Zekaisivarsi has an inflection system called vazjaa that differentiates between subjects and objects by the nominative-accusative alignment.

Nominative case (jur wai) Edit

The nominative case (jur wai - class of bringing about, class of doing) is the case that marks a noun as a subject of a verb.

ar wil. Someone goes. ar is in the nominative case because it is the subject of the verb wil.

ar aur ayil. Someone befriends someone else. ar is still in the nominative case because it is the subject.

Accusative case (jur uera) Edit

The accusative case (jur uera - class of feeling, experiencing, undergoing) is the case that marks a noun as a direct object of a verb.

ar aur ayil Someone befriends someone else. aur is in the accusative case because it is the direct object of the verb ayil which is done by the active subject ar.

ye jzai javai. I love home. jzai is in the accusative case because it is affected by the action jzai.

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