not to be substituted for aqe which means sick


from akw' ill


basic and original meaning: that causes illness

  1. nasty: unpleasant to the senses
  2. obscene: offensive to most people, especially nobles and academians, because of explicit reference to bodily excerement or sex 
  3. a) heinous, atrocious, disgustingly immoral; (of a person or act) utterly evil, wicked, grossly immoral, despicably perverse b) (of a crime) high, grand, aggravated, felonious, (per some translations) hard c) being an act or form of sodomy
  4. so informal as to be improper, vulgar
  5. embarrassing
  6. obnoxious, exceedingly annoying
  7. (obsolescent) noxious 
  8. (considered incorrect) sick, physically ill

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