Etymology Edit

from aif "holy, godly" (form of af "holy, sacred") + ak "against, opposed to" + -ael (action suffix, active transitive)

verb Edit

  1. he or she strives to uphold the righteousness of God; he or she strives against wickedness in himself/herself or in another person

Explanation Edit

The holy struggle is the struggle of a person against evil, be it of oneself or of another person. It uses rational arguments and nonviolent resistance in order to convince persons to cease to commit their evil deeds, and it is brutally honest, that is, it tells the truth that one might change, even if the truth hurts one’s feelings. It must sometimes resort to violent tactics, however, in order to prevent the unrepentant from harming other people.

Major types Edit

In Aoi, two major types of aifakael are encouraged and practiced, iyer aifakael and zui aifakael.

·       Iyer aifakael (“holily against the one whom one calls ‘I’”) This is a holy struggle against oneself, that is, one’s internal drive to commit evil deeds toward people such as violence, debauchery, exploitation, degradation, and slaughter. It involves an utter realization of wicked nature and the desire to heal others and reform oneself.

·       Ar aifakael (“holily against a person”) This is a holy struggle against another person, that is, the other person’s inclinations and desires to commit evil deeds towards others. It is selfless and not hypocritical. It acts for the improvement of the other person and the protection of people in general, and it realizes its own wickedness.

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