Zekaisei English (Zekang) and the Anglwe dialect of ZekaiseivarseiEdit



from English write and writ

  1. preterite of the verb write
  2. (participle as adjective) that is officially written as in law 
  3. (participle as adjective) literate, able to write especially as an art or in academics 
  4. (participle as adjective) recorded in history

Conjugation of the verb wrailj (one writes)Edit


preterite present future
1st yei (vwei) writ (wriet) wri (wriri) wraz (wraiz)
2nd zu (zwi) wruit (wrizit) wrue (wrevue) wruaz (wrazi)
3rd ehf (kwi) wrat (wrant) wre (wrae)  wrail 

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